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Google it or Bing it on

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February 27, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

When anything on planet Earth happens, we google it. Even when we want to write a nice text message or if we have a headache we’re looking for remedy on Google, our best friend, doctor, translator, psychiatrist. Google is a sort of God who knows everything and can solve anything. Google has spam filters…so the content is supposed to be more qualitative, but bear in mind it is not the only search engine on this planet. It’s the most common used. 

For example, Bing is better for local results and a second opinion is always a good idea, research has proven it. Your friends recommendations will rank higher on Bing, as well as if you’re looking for something specific in a certain area.

Because of the spam filters Google is regarded as being the best site ever, as it offers more universal results. Performing multiple searches and comparing them will bring you a more complex idea of what is out there.  If you want to see the difference, try it here

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