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Four Great SEO Techniques For The New Year

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January 30, 2015



As we all know, SEO is a constantly evolving art form and it is crucial that webmasters stay on top of the latest trends and tactics to ensure that their website stays up to speed and competitive in an ever-changing market.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of great SEO techniques that you should be doing in 2015 to ensure your SEO campaign as a whole continues to work for you.

4. Use Adwords

While most people are always looking to target organic search results, it can;t be argued that Adwords adverts have become increasingly prominent in recent years on Google search results pages. This is perhaps unsurprising, as Google directly makes money from these ads and thus want people to click through to them.

Adwords is still a valuable resource for relevant site traffic and should be used accordingly. If you have a small online store consider the realistic possibility of obtaining organic ranking for your major key terms, taking into account the competition and superior budgets of the larger brands. If you can’t invest enough time and money into the site to compete in this area then Adwords offers a great way to get your site seen, obtain targeted traffic and eventually build a brand.

3. Consider SEO With All Content

The old adage that ‘Content is King’ is still relevant, but webmasters shouldn’t take that to mean they should simply pile content onto their websites in the hope of obtaining rankings. Google’s Panda algorithm ensures that only websites offering high quality content relevant to their niche will have a chance of obtaining rank.

With this in mind, always consider the content placed on your website. Is it relevant to the site’s goals? Do the keywords that are used in the content make sense in context? Are they used too heavily? All of these factors and more can make the difference between a good piece of content and something that will be ignored.

Four Great SEO Techniques For The New Year Pear Digital

2. Reporting

It is essential to have quality reporting software installed for your website. In the majority of cases, especially for smaller businesses, Google Analytics offers everything needed to keep track of what’s happening with a site.

Proper use of the various features offered by such services is also imperative. Set up Goals and other targets that allow you to determine where your traffic is coming from, what ideas aren’t working and how you can improve. Seeing your results is one thing. Taking positive action based on them is another entirely.

1. Focus on Mobile SEO

Google in particular has done a lot over 2014 to make mobile searching a better experience. This goes so far as to trial icons that indicate whether a website is suitable for mobile browsing.

Now consider that an increasing amount of searches are made from mobile devices and you will see the importance of optimising for mobile search. If your website is only properly viewable on a desktop then put serious consideration into the development of a mobile-optimised site in an effort to capitalise on the increased usage of such devices.

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