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Five Simple Tips For Improving Your Web Design

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May 20, 2016



In addition to providing web design services to an array of clients in London, the team at Pear Digital can also help companies and individuals spruce up their existing websites to bring them in line with modern design standards. This is often an essential process, as search engines are always keen to rank sites that take the latest web design philosophies into account to provide more user-friendly experiences.

With that in mind, we thought we would list just a couple of the techniques that we can use to help you bring your website up to scratch.

Get Rid of Clutter

Your site should be easy to navigate, particularly in terms of getting your visitors to the most relevant pieces of content. As such, if you’re site feels cluttered, such as if it is overburdened with images or it has clumps of text in odd places, visitors are more likely to navigate away from your site and find one that offers a clearer experience. By getting rid of some of the less-relevant stuff on the site, you can make some serious improvements very quickly.

Your Logo

You will want to give off the impression that you’re a legitimate and trustworthy company and this starts with what is often the very first thing that site visitors see – your logo. If you have used a low-resolution image for the logo, this can often end up looking pixelated on the user’s display and gives the impression that you don’t care about site upkeep. The natural conclusion is that if you don’t care about maintaining the site, you’re also not going to care about your product or service, so spruce the image up.

Choose The Right Fonts

While you may think that the font you have looks good, there are many out there that are just difficult to read, which can again lead to visitors leaving your site before they have actually explored it. Make sure to use a clear and concise font, such as Arial, and also make sure the text is large enough for most people to read without having to adjust their browser settings.

Stay Above The Fold

In web design terms, the fold is the point at the bottom of the monitor where a webpage cuts off, causing the user to scroll down. Ideally, you will want to keep as much of your content above the fold as possible, both so that the user has a clear idea of what your site is meant to do and also because most search engines like to see useful content above the fold, rather than massive images.

Test The Design

One of the best ways to see if your web design efforts are up to snuff is that have people actually use the site. Ideally, you should pick people who aren’t involved with the company or website design process. You can then get a better idea of how well they get on with the current layout and what changes you need to make so that your key content becomes more accessible.

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