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Five Reasons Why Fresh Content is Important For SEO

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December 14, 2015



There is an old saying that many SEO companies use that goes “Content is King.” It may be a little cliché in the modern age of SEO, where online marketing is often incorporated into the marketing strategy of many companies, but that doesn’t change the fact that fresh, interesting and useful content is very good for SEO. Want to know why? Here are just five reasons.

Frequent Indexing

If you allow the content on your website to grow stale, search engines are going to examine the site on a less frequent basis. This is a problem that a lot of sites encounter, particularly those that don’t have products to add on a constant basis. As such, it is a good idea to create a blog that can be used to update the content on your site on a regular basis, thus ensuring that search engines are continually crawling and updating your rankings based on the content you provide.


You will want to sprinkle as many examples of your keywords throughout your site as possible, while still making it accessible and readable to humans. If your site doesn’t have much content, this can be very difficult to do without falling foul of the issue of keyword stuffing. New content provides you with a way to add more keywords to the site, without making your existing content a keyword-laden mess that is more likely to get you punished than it is to improve rankings.

Search Engines Love Fresh Content

If you have launched a new website recently, you will likely be aware of the ‘honeymoon effect.’ This is when a search engine provides a temporary boost to a new website because it offers fresh content that users haven’t seen before. Leaving the site stagnant will often see it drop back down rankings fairly rapidly, while adding new content will mitigate the effect and give Google a reason to continue ranking the site highly.

Keeping Users Informed

Offering helpful and informative content is important because your users are important. This is a philosophy that search engines are adhering to more and more in the modern search landscape, so you need to do everything that you can to offer useful and unique insights to your users, whether they relate to your company or the industry at large. If users are getting the information they need, they are more likely to keep visiting your site. If you get a lot of repeat visitors, search engines will see that the content on your site is useful and may up your ranking as a result.

Make Yourself an Authority

Authority is hard to build in a world full of experts, so you need to make use of your new content to demonstrate that you are a cut above the rest. By building site authority and establishing your company as an expert in the field, you will find that people are more willing to listen to what you have to say, which may also encourage their hits to convert into sales as well.

Five Reasons Why Fresh Content is Important For SEO Pear Digital
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