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Why is Facebook important – Facebook Marketing Service

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February 27, 2014



Everything in this world suffers transformations. Facebook started out as a  website for Harvard students, created  in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates.

Advertising on Facebook seems a good idea since there are around 500 million users wandering around, it’s like being present in more than 100 countries in the same time and talking to everyone about your work. The best part about Facebook is that using videos and pictures aside from words will convince you. Social media marketing is nourishing, facebook in itself is a sort of search engine marketing company.

When you sign up, there are some interest boxes you need to tick, and depending on them advertising will be provided keeping in mind your choices. For example, if I like sports I will have loads of advertising about products and events related to sports. Checking ins are another method that will influence your choices. If you see someone you like joining an event, you will go there. If you see someone liking a page, you will enter it out of curiosity and in most of the cases, you will end up liking it too. Art is free nowadays and content that you would have liked to see in galleries is just at a click distance. Everything is for free, from another point of view it’s easier to contact business agencies, magazines and everything that would be good for your cv or professional career.  They all have Facebook pages and you can like and share their content endlessly and even get in contact with the team. The more likes a page gets, the more quality it gets. Quality is equal with majority.

The way Facebook is built makes people write about everything they feel, like, hear, and they slowly become a target for hungry advertisers. What are we supposed to talk about when we meet if everything is already told online. In fact, what is the point in us meeting in person when we are always available on Facebook’s digital platform?

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