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Facebook Ends Relationship With Bing

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December 19, 2014



In what is sure to come as a little bit of a blow to Microsoft’s efforts to continue the market expansion of their Bing search engine, Facebook has dropped the search provider from the search engine as part of a Facebook update that also affects a number of other aspects of the social media platform.

In the last couple of months the worldwide search community has been showing signs of a potential shift in fortunes, with Google suffering from ever-increasing issues throughout Europe while Yahoo took a big step towards reclaiming legitimacy with a deal to become the default search provider for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser.

Microsoft would have been hoping to gain a little bit of ground in an effort to both keep up with Yahoo and attempt to take some market share away from Google, however this setback will not have been something the company would have wanted.

In an email to Search Engine Land a representative from Facebook commented “We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook. We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas.”

The move marks a reversion back to the search functionality offered by the social media giant pre-2010, when Facebook search was generally used to locate other users and important content within Facebook, rather than also showing content from around the web .

The move may be seen as something of a regression in regards to functionality and may affect some search strategies, though it is unlikely that many webmasters would have been focusing on getting search results to appear within Facebook.

It is unknown if the move signals a forthcoming partnership with another search provider or if Facebook are instead looking to move away from the search market altogether for the time being.

In other news for users Facebook has also restored the ability to search within posts as part of the new update, which is a feature that was amongst the most missed according to the company’s own research.

While this alteration in Facebook’s search functionality will likely do little to affect the social media strategies of most webmasters, however some may see a small reduction in traffic being referred to their sites from Facebook via Bing.

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