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Essential Features Of A Good Business Website in London

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May 9, 2016



Before you can start marketing your product or service online, you need to build a great website that is capable of demonstrating everything that you have to offer to viewers, while also drawing in more enquiries and sales in the process. In short, you need a great business website.

There are a number of essential features that all good business websites have that set them apart from the rest of the pack, making it more likely that they will achieve the outcomes their owners are looking for. The below are five things that you should look for if you’re having a new site developed for your company.

Easy Navigation

No business website should make it difficult for viewers to find the information that they are looking for, so efforts should be made to ensure navigation is as simple as possible. Information and products should be categorised as appropriate and efforts should be made to bring all important information front and centre. Consider what visitors will look for and make sure that it is easy to find.

Useful Information

Many companies make the mistake of clogging their websites up with tons of content, much of which is not useful to the people reading it. Good business websites will contain as much content as they need to get their points across, rather than overburdening the user with tons of pages that are of no use to them. By incorporating a blog, you will also be able to keep visitors updated on new developments, so that they can search out additional information where needed, without being inconvenienced.


A good business website is designed with all users in mind. This means that it needs to be very quick to load, so that those who have slower connections don’t get frustrated, while also providing a range of other accessibility features that make the site usable by those who are differently-abled. For example, making use of alt tags with images will allow text-to-voice software to tell the user what the picture represents, whereas subtitles on video content will ensure all viewers get the most from the experience.


Any company that sells anything online needs to place security at the forefront of everything that they do. Failure to do so will result in trust between the customer and business being broken should anything go wrong. Https should be used as standard on all sales pages, while SSL certification is needed to ensure transactions are properly encrypted and cannot be viewed by anybody who is not supposed to see them.

They Are Mobile

Google has recently demonstrated that the majority of its users now search for sites using mobile devices, rather than traditional desktops. This is something that needs to be taken into account by all business website owners, as a site that offers a poor mobile experience is going to lose out on customers. Make sure that you prioritise mobile accessibility, as this will ensure visitors to your site experience the highest levels of professionalism, regardless of the devices that they use.

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