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Digital marketing companies – Image extensions in AdWords

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March 17, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

Google  announced the beta release of image extensions in search results and justified its choice by stating that : “ your ads richer and more informative so they stand out in a crowded marketplace”.  The extension allows advertisers to display three relevant images above a paid search ad when shown in position 1 on the search engine results page.

Digital marketing companies - Image extensions in AdWords Pear Digital Digital marketing companies - Image extensions in AdWords Pear Digital

E-commerce sites have been using images of products in their adverts, but if Google has thought of adopting this technique means they must have realized the importance of using imagery in advertisements and PPC marketing.  It will be beneficial for PPC advertising, as introducing image extensions is available for any type of advertiser, not only for e-commerce business. Clicking on the image takes the reader straight to your website.  Images can be shown only by the ad in the top spot and only one set of images will be visible on the results page.

Image can steal from the text, but not the other way round. Image can show a design, a colour, a shape, dimension, details that texts can only mention and more than one in six searches provide results with visual content, making the choice beneficial.

The downfall of this is the limited visibility. Clicks are reported when they are on the image, when being anywhere else on the ad they won’t count.

However, when using image extensions, bear in mind that your images have to be high quality and approved by Google. You also need to have the right for the photographs you want to use. Animation and logos are not allowed and image extensions are available all over the world but only in English.

The bright side of things is that you are not limited to text only adverts and that you can include images in your PPC ads.

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