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The Dangers of Poor Link Building

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August 5, 2014



Link building. For many years building links to websites was the bread and butter of many companies offering SEO services. In some ways it still is, as creating content that is engaging and linkable is a large part of any SEO strategy. However, there is a wrong way and a right way to go about getting links to a website. With this article we will highlight a few methods that many websites still engage in but that may see your website become vulnerable to an algorithmic or Penguin penalty.

1. Directory websites

One of the first ports of call for many a link builder is to place a website on hundreds, or even thousands, of online directories. In rare cases this is a good idea. For example, if there is a high quality website that acts as an authoritative directory of businesses in your industry you should certainly attempt to have your name listed amongst them.

However in most cases of directory links the directories are poor quality sites that simply serve to host links. Many are even built from the same template and few, if any, offer any real prospect of getting hits back to your site. These links are seen as unnatural and, if built in large enough quantities, may result in penalties.

2. Article submissions

Another technique that has been used for years is submission of articles to other websites with a link back to your own. In concept the idea is sound: provide good quality content to a website intended to host useful content, all for the price of that site providing a link back to yours.

Unfortunately such sites, no matter how well they are policed, have basically become the domain of spammers writing fluff articles solely for the link. Simply put, if you have good content it should be on your site, not used in an effort to get a link from somebody else’s.

3. Forum profiles

And finally we have another linkbuilding method that looks perfectly fine on the surface. Many forum websites offer members the opportunity to place a link in their signature back to a site of their choice. This is an attractive prospect to many, especially if the forum is relevant to their industry; however it is much more dangerous than it seems at first glance.

The point of forums is to provide useful information in threads. When used for link building the temptation is to simple give generic answers to every thread in an effort to have your link appear in all of them. This is something that many link builders did and it has now been classed as a spammy technique that could get your site into trouble, no matter how genuine your intentions.

So there you have it. Three link building techniques to be very wary of. There are more, but we will be looking at those in a future post. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates from Pear Digital!

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