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V-Tech UK is the UK’s leading supplier of quality garage equipment. From MOT bay’s to tyre changers they have everything you need to get your garage business up and running.

The niche nature of the industry meant that in order to grow and maintain their dominant position they needed an effective, meaningful and engaging online presence.

V-Tech UK has gained a reputation for being a leader in their field. In addition to the equipment they supply they also have a team of engineers who travel all over the UK delivering an excellent level of service.

Organic Results Creating Interest & Awareness

V-Tech Garage Equipment Pear Digital

Since working with Pear Digital, V-Tech UK has seen an increase in relevant traffic to their websites and a 30% increase in organic searches.

They have also seen a massive 233% increase in social media engagement and direct interactions on their websites as result of our work around their social media.

Engagement Through Interaction

V-Tech’s presence on social media did little to truly engage potential customers and make them aware of the quality of service they offer on all equipment. 

Using Facebook and Twitter, the business is now fully able to provide information about offers, equipment, finance and allow them to directly speak to their customers and improve their service appropriately. In just a short time period the company website experienced an almost 250% in visit from social sources.

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