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Fabric UK is one of the leading suppliers of a wide array of fabrics in the UK. The company stocks materials that can be used for many purposes, from general fashion through to commercial and business use.

Until recently the company had a limited presence on social media and aimed to expand upon this, creating awareness of the product and solidifying their brand.

Increasing Engagement
Fabric UK Pear Digital

A campaign of highlighting clearance fabrics and new materials was created to ensure customers were provided with up to the minute information on what Fabric UK has to offer.

Furthermore social media users were encouraged to share their creations with us, with the overall aim to create a thriving community of enthusiasts who could share their work and advice on the company Facebook page, whilst also accessing the website to purchase their fabrics.

Generating Business

With an ongoing campaign Fabric UK has seen a meteoric rise in engagement to the website through social and organic search channels.

Increased awareness of products on offer, specifically those in sales and those that are new to the range, has seen sales increase.

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