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Sonographer’s Medical is a specialist medical recruitment agency that aims to bring the best medical jobs to the people who are best qualified to do them.

The company also offers additional services, with a main focus being on providing non-UK doctors with all of the information they need to begin practicing in the UK and maintain the standards required of them by the NHS.

The challenge for their campaign was to compete against larger and more general job websites, whilst maintaining brand identity and purpose.

Back to Basics
Sonographers Medical Pear Digital

Whilst Sonographer’s Medical website offered plenty of information to the user, many of the basic aspects of SEO were missing or poorly implemented, such as title tags and meta descriptions.

There was also some internal duplication of content and general website housekeeping that needed to be undertaken before an effective long term campaign could be put into place.

Moving Forward With Engaging Content

Recognising and resolving these issues allows us to now focus on a content and branding strategy that will see Sonographer’s Medical’s profile enhanced further in the recruitment sector.

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