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Elegant Bedding sells high end luxury bed linen.  But they are not a typical retailer. When they came to us the proposal they had was a challenging one. They wanted to reach their customer base through social media only to keep their start-up costs down. They did not have a website or physical retail store either.

Seeing the challenge before us the Pear Digital Team got their heads together and worked out the best and most profitable strategy forward for Elegant Bedding needless to say it was a unique experience for us as well.

Targeted Strategies Ensure Customers Receive the Best Possible Service
Elegant Bedding Pear Digital

Accepting the challenge, we got to work on building their social media profile and in just one month we saw results that were very encouraging.

Customer enquiries were coming in thick and fast and we were fully managing it for them. Within two months we not only managed to get over 3000 likes for them, but they more than doubled their ROI in Pear Digital.

Raising the Company Profile

Going forward Elegant Bedding will be developing a website at the start of 2016 with Pear Digital and we look forward to building on the success they have had so far.

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