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Bing Has No Plans to Prioritise HTTPS

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October 3, 2014



Coming off the back of the fairly recent announcement that Google will be looking to give extra ranking priority to domains that use the HTTPS protocol as opposed to those using the HTTP, Bing has announced that they currently have no plans to follow in their footsteps.

That’s not all though. Lead Program Manager at Bing Vincent Wehren also went so far as to say that the search engine may not ever give priority to such domains, which is cause for celebration for domain owners who would likely have to go through the expensive process of changing the protocol on their websites to conform to Google’s apparent new standards.

The company does not echoes Google’s opinion that only sites using HTTPS can give searchers what they want, maintaining that it is the quality of the website that should do the talking.

Of course, those on the Google side of things would likely counter that those sites that offer their users more secure access are going to be the higher quality results by default. However that viewpoint may be a little short-sighted and could end up discounting a lot of small but extremely relevant sites that are not necessarily looking to curry favour with the search engine but may see drops simply because they aren’t keeping up with the latest things Google wants.

As it stands Google implemented the HTTPS ranking signal back in August and rumours are flying that the company is soon to put out the latest versions of its Panda and Penguin algorithms. Exciting and perhaps tumultuous times at the world’s largest search provider. Bing will be hoping that this unrest may cause searchers and webmasters to begin focusing more their search engine as a result, though that may be wishful thinking on their part.

If nothing else it is going to be interesting to see just what effect this raft of changes has to search results.

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