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Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing.

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April 19, 2017



Ah Facebook. the 8th wonder of the world.  If Facebook were a country it would rival China in terms of population and trump (no pun intended) the USA in terms of influence. In the last few years Facebook has grown like wild fire.

With around 1.4 billion users worldwide Facebook is without a doubt the largest social media platform out there. Facebook is not just about connecting with friends or sharing funny pet videos anymore it’s a powerful marketing, branding and advertising tool for your business and if you have not grasped this fact then you are seriously losing out. You are effectively leaving money on the table. You might as well just close down your business and go home.

Facebook like all other social media platforms should be considered as a passive marketing tool. People (your customers) on Facebook are not on there to buy, that’s what eBay and Amazon are for, and they are on there because they like to see what their friends and family are up to and what’s going on in their lives. In other words, they are using Facebook to connect with something or someone that invokes an emotional response and that is what you as a business need to be aware of before you start using Facebook. If you go into Facebook with a ‘hard sell’ attitude then you will fail. Use Facebook to build your brand and EARN your customers loyalty and trust.

Having said that online stores that use Shopify can create a function which allows your customers to purchase from you using Facebook. This is perfect if you have loyal and relevant customer base who are already engaging with you and your business.

A lot of businesses set up a Facebook page but don’t maintain it – this is worse than not having a Facebook page, and a lot of business owners think ‘I’m not getting likes or enough likes I can’t be bothered with this nonsense’. Although getting likes is important it’s not the only defining metric. Say for example your businesses Facebook page has 10000 likes and your business sells shoes and you only want to sell to customers in the UK and nowhere else. You may think that ‘yeah I got 10000 likes’ but what if all those likes are from some village in Tibet? What good are those 10000 likes if they are not from your desired target market?

The point is anyone can get thousands of likes, what matters now is ENGAGEMENT. How much engagement are you getting when post new content? Are people talking about you? Are they sharing your posts and tagging their friends and family?  – This is a more important metric than overall likes and this is what will help you build your brand and this part of Facebook marketing takes time and requires patience.

Facebook is also another way for your customers to reach you. They will reach you by either leaving a comment on your posts or even privately messaging you. The trick here is to be as responsive as possible. No one likes to be ignored and the quicker you respond the better your image will be in front of your customers.

It’s also an opportunity for you to address any customer issues and resolve them which in turn creates a happy customer. Do not use your businesses Facebook page as a personal page by posting comments, content or opinions that others may find disagreeable. Also do not get into arguments with customers over Facebook this is a definite big no! Always be polite and professional even if the customer is totally wrong- yes I said it…The customer is not always right.

Lastly Facebook has a huge arsenal of advertising tools that you can use to build up your engagement and increase your reach. (We will do a whole blog on this next week). From increasing website visitors to building your email list the possibilities are endless.

At Pear Digital we understand that as a new or even existing business owner Facebook can be a challenge. But if used correctly it can really help grow your business and allow you to reach new customers. We can help from setting up your page, running ads for you to teaching you how to do all of it yourself. Or if you prefer we can manage it all for you. The choice is yours. So if you have any questions please give us a call, or send us a message through our Facebook page.

Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing. Pear Digital
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