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Baby steps to content writing

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February 9, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

First of all, content writing may seem a mixture between journalism and advertising, but it’s actually marketing. Content writing is all about making the client respond, have a reaction, interact somehow.

You have to know everything about the brand, about their target, about their products, anything that moves. A plan is to be made accordingly, following some important steps. Research is the mother of them all, always questioning and identifying with the reader.  Being up to date. You have to know everything that’s new, posh, cheesy, old, material to throw away to the garbage slash recycle bin. Your brain is a google and you must press enter on everything that circulates in the area of content writing. You need to tell a unique story, otherwise everybody will sneeze and you don’t want that, do you? Give references, you automatically invite people to identify with your examples. Be honest and funny, use little words instead of  boring essays.  As Bukowski said, “an intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way, an artist says a hard thing in a simple way”.  In this scenario, you have to be the artist if you want success. Share knowledge and deliver value. Say goodbye, make a pirouette and go. Good luck, guys!

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