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If your digital plan involves an e-commerce aspect, we offer affiliate marketing in London and the Midlands that can offer a cost effective solution that gets your products in front of an audience of interested customers at a low cost.

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Account Management

Full management of a network of affiliate marketers can be a daunting task.Managing your accounts with each one and ensuring that you have stringent guidelines that all of your affiliates must abide by is of paramount importance to ensure integrity of your brand crosses over to alternate revenue streams.

Make use of the cost per acquisition (CPA) model most used in affiliate marketing and keep control of your outgoings. Access a superior revenue stream for your business and reach a larger audience using only reliable affiliates.

A Fully Integrated Strategy

Ensuring your brand message carries over to your affiliates means your business retains its identity whilst marketing through indirect channels.

Affiliate marketing includes the following:

  • Guideline creation
  • Researching trustworthy and reliable affiliates
  • Account management
  • CPA analysis
  • Banner and branding creation

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