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5 Common PPC Mistakes You Must Avoid

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January 27, 2016



A good Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can reap enormous benefits for your business, improving its exposure while also ensuring that you get to enjoy increased sales. However, there are also many pitfalls that you will need to avoid if you are looking to use PPC on a regular basis, as it is also possible to lose a lot of money with very little return if the campaign isn’t managed correctly. Here we will look at a few of the most common PPC mistakes that those who are new to the world of paid online advertising commit regularly.

Poor Keyword Matches

Taking Google Adwords as an example, you will often be given the option between broad. phrase and exact match when choosing keywords for your campaign. It is crucial that you understand the differences between these, as selecting the wrong one could lead to you spending most of your budget on keywords that are completely irrelevant to your company. If you are unsure, consult an expert to determine which of these categories is most suitable for your campaign and website before you proceed.

Irrelevant Ads

The quality of your ad is going to play a large part in determining how much you pay for a click and whether or not people are going to be attracted to your service in the first place. You need to be succinct and punchy, using the limited space that you have to advertise the service and generate interest. Never forget to include a call to action of some description and make sure that the ad is actually relevant to the page the user will land on.

Forgetting Negative Keywords

The keywords that you don’t want to appear for are almost as important as the keywords that you do want, so make sure to set negative keywords for each campaign. It is best to update this list on a regular basis based on the information you get from your analytics, making sure that anything you think is irrelevant to you offering is added. Neglecting negative keywords could again lead to you spending a lot of money on clicks from people who won’t convert into a sale.

No Bidding On Your Own Brand

Your own brand is important, particularly if you are in a competitive industry and sell a product that a lot of other companies also sell. Make sure to create an ad group that incorporates keywords related to your brand name, as this ensures that anybody who is searching for your company is able to find it easily. Better yet, these people will usually be much more likely to convert into a sale. You will usually find that the click cost is low and you get to increase exposure of the brand in the bargain.

Not Trusting The Numbers

You may think you have created the best advert in the world, but if the numbers don’t back that up then you have an issue. Never allow your own opinion of your ad cloud your professional judgement. Instead, be sure to use the numbers you generate to inform your campaign, identifying things that work and tactics that don’t. You may need to sacrifice an ad that you are proud of, but this will always be for the benefit of the business.

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